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Welcome to Georgia District 1 Little League

Welcome to Georgia District 1 Little League! We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with rules/regulation changes, clinic/training information, tournament news and special events.

You may contact any of the leagues directly through their links below or contact the District Administrator, Brenton Baggett, if you would like information about starting a league in your area.

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Use the map to the right to determine if you live outside our district and want information for your local area. By clicking the map will take you to the Georgia State website.

2019 Rules and Regulations Update
Little League International has officially announced the rule and regulation changes that will take effect in 2019.

The two most notable changes will take place in the International Tournament:

New tiebreaker structure in all divisions
New regulation establishing the number of adults in the dugout or on the field play when a tournament team has 11 or fewer eligible players
To read the full explanation and to view the additional changes, see rule and regulation changes, 2019.

To view these changes, you can go to this website: https://www.littleleague.org/playing-rules/rule-changes/
Year-End Tax Reminders

It is each league's responsibility to submit a federal tax return to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Any non-profit organization that does not file the proper 990 Form with the IRS for three consecutive years automatically loses its federal tax exemption resulting in the organization's income becoming taxable and contributors being unable to report their contributions as tax deductions. This year's filing deadline is February 15, 2019.

Important Notice Local League Federal Tax Exemption Status

It is also the responsibility of each league to furnish Little League Baseball® Incorporated with a copy of your league's annual financial report. This is a requirement of any league enrolled under the Little League Federal Group Tax Exemption and 501(c)(3) organizational status. There is a sample financial statement in the Little League Resource Guide and on the Little League website at LittleLeague.org/FinancialStatement to use as a guideline. Please be sure your League I.D. Number is noted on the financial statement. If you haven't already done so, please forward a copy of your league's financial statement via email to bbassett@LittleLeague.org.

I Sat in My Car Instead of the Dugout

Last year was my son's first time playing baseball. I knew very little about the sport. One of his friends played Little League® the previous year, told my son it was fun, and the next thing I knew I was handing in a copy of his birth certificate, and some proof of residency. He was signed up.

My ex-wife took him to the tryouts. And, as luck would have it, he made the same team as his friend. We split duties taking our son to practices before the season started. When it was my turn, I'd drop him off, and then run some errands or stay in the car returning phone calls, texts, and emails. I'd watch a little of the practice from the car. Again, I didn't know much about baseball, but it seemed to me he was pretty good at it.

One day, there was a knock on my window. It was the coach. He asked if I was Timothy's father. I nodded. He told me that he thought my son was a natural, and that he's a pleasure to coach. I thanked him for sharing that with me. He then told me that the person who usually keeps the scorebook couldn't make the first game, and asked if I could do it. I mumbled something about not knowing much about the game, and that I'd probably have to work. Read more.....

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Things to Do

Register for SE Region Rules and Regulation Seminar

Charter and Insure

Conduct Background Checkson volunteers and board

Submit your ASAP plan prior to March 15

Review the 2019 Resource Guide

Use tips from the Local League Operational Guide

Familarize yourself with Forms and Publications

Understand the Residency Eligibility Checklist

Get parents involved in your league

Host a Parent Orientation Session

Help parents understand League Age and Age Determination Dates

Remind umpires to enroll in the Umpire Registry

Consider applying for a Little League Grow the Grant Program

Reach out to other organizations to increase your enrollment

Revitalize your Website

Play Ball Saturday Podcasts